Warranty Policy

For the purposes of this warranty policy all references are to “Hytera Communications UK Co.Ltd” only, hereinafter will be referred to as “Hytera”.

All Products shipped to a distributor/dealer shall be of good quality and new construction and all shall conform to the set out product specifications.  Hytera warrants to the dealer/distributor that Products supplied by Hytera will be, under normal and proper use and care, free from defects or deficiency in design, material, and workmanship for a period of time as defined in the Hytera Warranty Policy.

Repair of Products is to be performed only by Hytera, Distributors or Hytera authorised engineers. Any unauthorised repair work may, at Hytera’s discretion, void the warranty. Distributor/dealer is responsible for any damage or claims arising from its work. Please note: In the case of ATEX products no attempt to repair/service these products should be made. Only IECEx accredited workshops can service/repair these products. All ATEX products must be returned to Hytera UK for service and repair.

While this Agreement remains in effect, and for a period of five (5) years after Products being sold, Hytera agrees to supply spare parts and do its best to repair the Products returned to Hytera. Hytera reserves the right to change the price of spare parts and fixed pricing without prior notice to Distributors and dealers. See section 7 for details on obsolete product.

  1. Purpose and Service Objective

1.1 Purpose: To specify the warranty terms for all Hytera terminal products and accessories.

1.2 Service object:

1.2.1 The distributors and dealers that purchased product directly from Hytera.

1.2.2 This policy is not applied to the distributors who are already applied with

“After-sales service fund policy of Hytera terminals.


 Scope of Application

 2.1 This warranty policy applies to all Hytera terminal products and relevant accessories.

2.1.1 The warranty period starts from the date of Purchase and varies based on product type (See following table).

Main Unit
Accessories (Month)
Accessories Others


Analogue Portable Terminal 24 12 6
Analogue Mobile Terminal 24 12 6
Analogue Repeater 24 12 6


Digital Portable Terminal 24 12 6
Digital Mobile Terminal 24 12 6
Digital Repeater 24 12 6
Intrinsically Safe/ATEX Two Way Terminal 24 12 6

In above warranty period, Hytera will repair or exchange any product that fails to meet the specifications provided it is within the product’s warranty period free of charge. Hytera will bear the one-way logistic cost from Hytera to the dealer/distributor. All replacements will be issued only when the faulty goods have been returned to and inspected by the Hytera service department. The logistic cost of the returned goods to Hytera shall be borne by the sender using the online RMA system.

2.2 This warranty only covers the original purchaser from Hytera of the product/s and cannot be transferred to any other person. The product must have been assembled and maintained as per the product instructions.

2.3 Terminal products that warranty period has not expired and are repaired by Hytera will have 90 days or remaining term of the original warranty period, depending on which is longer.

  1.  Replacement

3.1 In warranty period of Hytera terminal products, Hytera takes the responsibility for the following batch quality issues.

Condition Faulty rate Hytera’s responsibility
Same batch & Failure phenomenon & Root cause Faulty rate ≤5% Repair the faulty terminals.
5% < Faulty rate ≤ 15% Restore the faulty terminals to fully functioning specification.
Faulty rate >15% Replace the whole batch of terminals with   the same model

The above responsibilities are the sole responsibilities that Hytera shall bear for batch quality accidents. Hytera shall not be held responsible for any other loss arising from the events of batch quality accidents.

If a defect happens to products of the same lot under warranty and the failure ratio is higher than 5% and below 15%, then Hytera have the responsibility to offer solution to restore the defective products to full function in accordance with Hytera specification. The cost of the solution and that occurred during the execution of the solution are covered by Hytera.

If a batch quality accident happens to products of the same lot under warranty and the failure ratio is higher than 15% (including 15%), then Hytera has the responsibility to replace the defective products with new products fully compliant with Hytera specification. Hytera have the further responsibility to the non-defective products in the batch, either as request for the dealer or as Hytera’s pre-emptive action. The final solution is offered by Hytera with full negotiation with the dealer. The cost of the solution and that occurred during the execution of the solution are covered by Hytera.

3.2 Hytera reserves the right of determination of batch quality accidents. Replacements are only sent out after returned faulty goods are received at Hytera UK

  1.    Non-Warranty Service

Hytera is not responsible for any warranty service to the products including terminals, batteries, chargers and other accessories in the following circumstances:

4.1. Exceed warranty period.

4.2.Fair wear and tear.

4.3 Defect or damage is due to improper use outside of product specifications’, including but not limited to the defects and damage caused by using Hytera products without complying with the Hytera warning instructions or user manual warnings.

4.4 Defect or damage is due to violent operation, including but not limited to the damage caused by sharp goods, artificial buckling, extrusion, liquid injection, etc.

4.5 Defect or damage due to modification, alterations, and disassembly or using non-original accessories or battery without the authorisation of Hytera. All void labels must be intact.

4.6 Defect or damage due to firmware or software upgrade due to improper use i.e. switching off power or removing leads during programming process.

4.7 By the rational judgment of Hytera, serial number code label, the accessory date code label or relevant Hytera sign of a product has been removed, defaced or altered.

4.8 Defect or damage is due to force majeure (earthquake, flood disaster, fire disaster, etc.)

4.9 Battery in the following circumstances:

4.9.1 Any damage or broken sealed phenomenon of Battery case seal.

4.9.2 Defect or damage due to the charging or using at variance with the products prescribed.


5.       Hytera After Sales Service Commitment


5.1 Telephone and email support is available to all dealers and distributors on product that has been purchased through Hytera UK only. Support is not given on products that have not been purchase through Hytera UK unless an existing service contract has been agreed or prior written agreement has been arranged.

5.2 Response Time: All service requests will be responded to within 24 hours, and an update of all current actions in regard to the support request shall be provided within 72 hours.

5.3 Contact details of Technical support and are as below.

For basic technical support FAQ information please view the service area on the Hytera UK website www.hytera.co.uk . For CPS, product information and downloads see the download area.

Hytera Communications (UK) Co. Ltd.



Hytera house,                                                 Email:                  support@hyterauk.co.uk

939 Yeovil Road,                                            Tel:                      +44(0)1753826120

Slough, Berkshire.                                          Website:              www.hytera.co.uk

SL1 4NH, UK.

6.   Important Statement

6.1 The main radio and battery of Hytera intrinsically Safe/ATEX two way radios are produced by employing special technology on sealant process and have passed strict quality inspection; any repair on Hytera Intrinsically Safe/ATEX Two Way Radios conducted by Distributor is prohibited. All the repairs of Hytera Intrinsically Safe Two Way Radio must be conducted by Hytera. For any problems caused by unauthorised repair, Hytera will not bear any responsibility.

6.2 If the returned products for repair are not in coverage of this warranty policy, Hytera   reserves the right for fee charging.

6.3 Hytera reserves the right to update this warranty policy from time to time without prior notification.

7.       Obsoleted Products

If a product is rendered obsolete during this time Hytera will support the servicing of the product to the best of its ability for five (5) years after the end of life statement please be aware that sometimes it is not possible to obtain spares/components from suppliers. Hytera will give all due diligence in this case and will offer reasonable alternatives taking the age of the product into consideration.

  1. Route Materials Authorisation Procedure (RMA)

All RMAs are to be booked in using the Hytera online UK Service portal found at www.hytera.co.uk go to service on the home page then to RMA service portal. All users will be required to create a login account. The contact and fault conditions are to be entered on the online RMA form in the relevant fields. An RMA number will be automatically generated on the form this should be attached to the faulty goods package via a window envelope with RMA and address visible on the package. A rudimentary online tracking feature is available to check the status of the faulty repair RMAs entered in the system this can be found in the UK Service portal. The warranty status of the product from the serial number can also be checked.  If the server is unavailable please contact the service department by email or telephone where an RMA number will be issued (See contact details above). Please note RMAs which are sent without filling in the online information or without prior authorisation will be returned un-repaired.

The sender of faulty goods to Hytera UK is responsible for all freight costs, goods must be returned to Hytera UK before replacement items are sent from Hytera back to the customer. Hytera have no liability for damage, loses or stolen items while in transit to or from Hytera UK.

Hytera UK shall bear the cost of returning the repaired or replacement goods back to the customer / dealers and distributors if it is a non-chargeable repair, for chargeable repairs (out of warranty or physical damage) freight costs for the return will apply. Please note if an RMA has mixed chargeable and non-chargeable items freight costs for the return will also apply. Hytera will supply a repair fault report form with the returned goods.

BER” Beyond Economical Repair

If the radio repair exceeds the price of the fixed price then either a quotation will be sent to the customer for the extra cost, or in some circumstances (if the radio cannot be repaired economically) the radio may be returned with a fault report describing the reasons for the BER condition. Definition of un-economical would be a repair cost above 80% of the value of the product. Please note: Quotation requests for non-warranty repairs in normal repair circumstances will not be given as the fixed pricing structure will be adhered to. There will be a service charge for no fault found (NFF) of £20.

  1. Extended Warranties

For extended warranties the terms are the same as and are used in-conjunction with this policy.

There will be no charges for parts or labour while the product is within the extended warranty period.

  1. Battery capacity

Batteries are consider to be in warranty if they have >80% of nominal capacity within the warranty period.

  1. Modifications

Modifications to any of Hytera product is prohibited under warranty conditions unless for pre-agreed projects or approved modifications. The approval must be in writing from Hytera UK managerial level.

The fitting of duplexers in the RD series repeaters is permitted as long as the fitting instructions are followed (you can find the instructions on the Hytera UK website http://www.hytera.co.uk/ ); please note any damage caused by the fitting of the duplexers will not be covered under warranty conditions.