Communications unit

Marcus Expands Business with Hytera

Background Marcus Communication (Marcus), founded by Bruce Marcus, Owner and CTO of Marcus Communications in April, 1969 at 134 Manchester, Connecticut, is the largest trunking radio network operator in Connecticut […]

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View of skyscraper in Qatar

Hytera TETRA System in Qatar

Background In 2006, the Emirate of Qatar on the Persian Gulf was the host for the Asian Games, an Olympic-level competition for the countries in the Asian region. For this […]

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View of telephone lines

PMR Operator Company uses Hytera DMR Trunking Pro

Background Some of the first commercial DMR Tier III trunking radio networks in the world can be found in the Central American republic of Guatemala, where a variety of radio […]

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View of DMRs being used in Russia

Russian Operator Utilizes Hytera DMR Trunking Pro

Background Russia is the world’s largest country with a territory crossing continents of Europe and Asia, well known for its vast territory and cold climate. However, extreme natural conditions bring […]

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Solution For Hotel

Background Within the hotel sector convenient communication is the fundamental guarantee for smooth operation. In the past hotels have employed internal telephone communication system for voice communication. Over the years […]

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Signal amplification solution for blind zones

Challenges Seamless coverage in complicated environments, such as large buildings, underground structures, tunnels, subways and airports is not an easy task even for advanced wireless communication systems. These locations have […]

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