Hytera launches two-way radio for intergalactic communications

Two-Way Radios

Hytera’s latest development in two-way radio communications, the PD0104, brings together high-power digital communication with exceptional connectivity to become the world’s first two-way device fully optimised for advanced intergalactic communications.

Hytera Pd0104 April Fool Post 2

Innovative two-way radio manufacturer, Hytera, has launched its flagship intergalactic handset: the PD0104. The latest digital handset from Hytera is the first of its type in the world, boasting high power communication that can transmit and receive in to the depths of space. Becoming a forerunner of the professional digital portfolio, the PD0104 offers both interstellar audio clarity and robustness to ensure the highest quality communication is achieved, no matter the environment, earth-bound or otherwise.

The innovative handset boasts a range of advanced features, including a tracker to pick up signals from unknown territories, a friend or foe registration service, ground-breaking anti-gravity settings and an extra-terrestrial alarm that can deliver an alert signal for many light-years. The PD0104, will be launched as a multi-band device operating across the Electro Magnetic spectrum in a variety of space frequencies. The device can be purchased from approved Hytera dealer, Radio Space Cowboys, as of 1st April 2017.

“We are extremely excited to announce the launch of the PD0104,” said A.C. Diaz, Product Manager for Hytera Interstellar Communication. “We have successfully created one of the most advanced two-way radios in the industry, which includes a selection of powerful features to make it simply revolutionary in terms of coverage and durability – so revolutionary that it can be used effortlessly by astronauts and earthlings looking to extend our communication boundaries across space.”

The incredibly advanced nature of this two-way radio positions Hytera as a leading provider of professional two-way communications throughout the galaxy, for humans and extra-terrestrial’s alike. Whether you’re looking to confirm a supply dock, report a meteor shower or invite an alien to tea, you can be sure the Hytera PD0104 delivers a communication system that’s out of this world.

Although the incredible PD0104 may be available for one day only, the already-eclectic selection of reliable and feature-rich Hytera radios ensure customers have a choice of digital devices for (almost) any application.